Jacob’s at Basic

This is the day that we have been planning for. I really don’t know how I feel about it right now.

Honestly, I look forward to having more money then what we’ve been working with. 😛 Crass, but *oh so* truthful.

I will be blogging more. Now that Peter has a steady bedtime and more alone time.

Right now as I struggle with a 2 year old cuddle with Peter I will just leave you with a quick picture of our family photo we got last week.


Also, today is the 70th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack and it’s bring a special meaning to me now that Jacob’s in the service. ::Remembering the Souls and the lives that were changed forever::


One car

::yawn:: It’s 5:26 AM. For someone who enjoys the morning snuggle in bed, being out of bed this early is almost painful.

I agreed to sub a half day today (AM). Then a couple days later Jacob said that he was working too. (sidenote: why is it always up to the woman to find childcare?)

I asked my Mom and she’s busy today. Waited a couple more days for magic idea, and nothing. Mom’s still busy and we are both still working.

Last night I called up my older brother and asked if he wants to spend the morning with Peter. Luckly, for us, it’s his day off and he’s happily able to hang with Peter. Big bonus is Peter is really excited to hang out with Uncle Ninja today.

Jacob and I were getting ready for bed last night when the biggest obstacle showed up.

Umm.. Jacob works at 5 AM. I work at 7:45 AM. How are we both getting into work with ONE car? We don’t have a bus system here (I laugh when I type it), it’s not even close.

That leaves with waking Peter up and taking him in to drop off Jacob, then seeing if he will go back to bed until I want him to get up. OR leaving him home and putting the baby monitor upstairs, so my Mom can hear him if he wakes up. The only reason why option 2 was questionable is that my Mom can sometimes sleep through things.

We picked option 2. Knowing that I would be gone 15 minutes was helpful. Turned out okay. Peter was still sleeping when I left and my Mom ended up getting up at 4:50 because of what she had to do today, so she was up and around.

So while taking Jacob into work I realized, I don’t want to go through an Iowa winter with no heat in the car! Brr! First bigger paycheck from Jacob being in Basic, I’m totally getting the car fixed! And I need to whip out the winter coats!




Jacob and I took Peter to Build-a-Bear (BaB) on November 11th. Not only was it Veteran’s Day, but it was also Jacob’s Birthday (will post later about them).

BaB was offering 20% off the whole purchase for Military families. We have been talking to Peter about Daddy being gone for a long time, and how it will be sad. We are trying to give him the words to use once Jacob’s gone NOW so that way it will be a little easier later. We talked about how he will miss Daddy and it’s okay to have sad days and lonely days.

::back to the bear::

We drove to BaB and Peter fell asleep (it’s an hour drive), he woke up when we got him out of the car. He was confused at first, even though we have talked about it. We ended up going to BaB, then leaving and letting him wake up, then going back. He had a great time when we came back, so I’m glad we gave him a little break to wake up!

It took a while to pick out a base bear. I wanted an adorable puppy! Jacob really like a bear. Peter sided with Daddy, so they won. 😉 We decided to add a sound. Jacob recorded a sound without Peter knowing and the super nice sales woman interacted really well with Peter, giving space when needed and joking around with Peter once he warmed up.

They asked if Peter wanted the sound in the hand or foot and Peter choose foot. Peter and Daddy helped fill up the Bear, we kissed the heart, and put it in the bear.

After that we took the bear over to the wash off section. Peter wasn’t thrilled with this process, but helped towards the end. We picked out the camo uniform, and dressed him in the dressing room.

I laughing said we should name the bear, “Tiny Daddy Bear” and it stuck. (I’m sure that’s something that will make me cry later down the road.) We got the birth certificate and paid for him. Peter loved the house Tiny Daddy Bear came in! We carried it around the mall for a while and then headed to the car.

When we were in the car we decided to have Jacob explain about the bear again. I actually took a video of that! I’m impressed with myself. It’s below, but I should warn you, ~It made me cry.

We also ate at Applebee’s! Peter didn’t want Tiny Daddy Bear to stay in the car, so he came in too!

Right after I put the camera away, Peter turned to Tiny Daddy Bear and asked him if he wanted anything to eat! It was too cute!

Quick family photo on the way out.

Build-a-Bear was a great time! I think we will be getting the Dress Blues before seeing Jacob at Basic Graduation!

Quick Peter Cuteness

It’s Drill Weekend and Peter and I are laying in bed for nap time. He weaned mid-September of this year. This is our little conversation.
Peter, smiling sweetly: I want some Momma Milk.
Me: Oh. I think Momma Milk is all gone now.
Peter: AHhh. Dannng it!
Then he rolls out of bed and goes to play with some toys.

I have to admit

Blogging is not a priority right now.

Jacob is leaving next month for basic. Time sees so fleeting right now. I’m really trying to focus my time and energy into my family.


Some updates for us:

Jacob has Drill this weekend.

We rode on Amtrak this past weekend! Peter loved it!

Peter trick or treated for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed it. He hid his face every time he sees something scary. He would duck his head into Jacob’s neck. How I wish I could just be carried and I could hid away from my fears like a two year old.

I’m going slowly on the weight loss, but I’m STILL losing, and that’s the point. I’m at 209.4 pounds today! That’s a loss of 9 pounds this month! I’ll take it! 207 is my 10% goal! Whoop-whoop! I’m going to make my family clap for me (because I need that feedback).

Peter is growing and pushing boundaries. It’s amazing to see how his brain works, but because of this growth… he’s seen a lot of time-out lately. In fact, he’s seen so much time-out that he put one of his Army Man in Time-out for shooting another Army Man (that was funny).

Peter can hop on one foot, multiple times. He’s two and a half! That’s some mad skills for him.

He’s really into cutting with scissors right now. So much so, we have to hid the scissors.

Today Peter was telling me a story while I was busy fixing lunch. I had to stop and give him my full attention when he told me to, “Look at me (pointed to his face) in the eyes.” Something that we say to him when we have something important to say. So funny, sweet, and serious.

Our dog is staying with a family friend until Jacob comes back. We said goodbye to him this past weekend. If he gets along really well with them, he may stay with them forever. We’re a little sad about it.

I’m going down to Topeka next week to stay with our BIL, SIL, and nephew. SIL is 38 weeks pregnant and I’m going to come down and clean and do whatever she wants for two days. This is also my last big break from Peter before Jacob leaves and is only the three time I’ve left him this long!

Peter is going to test out a back up daycare this week. We are just going to visit the first time, leave for an hour the second time, 4 hours the next time, and then full day after that. I’m hoping for a smooth transition.

Tomorrow is the next ICAN meeting. ::sigh:: I love ICAN, but hate it all at once. I love it’s a safe place to talk about Peter’s birth, I hate that it’s a monthly reminder of the c-section and it’s still really painful to me. Tomorrow is also a little nerve-racking because I’m going to verbally tell Peter’s birth story out loud… hopefully… if I don’t pass out first. ::weak smile::

We are buying our Christmas presents now. We want to have everything done before Jacob leaves December 7th. We will be celebrating St. Nicholas’ feast day this year (December 6th), instead of Santa Claus.

We are talking of holiday plans and letting family members know of our plans, so it’s not surprising when Jacob’s gone.

We are also discussing Jacob’s leave date. Who’s going to the airport, where we are going to say goodbye, how we are going to explain to Peter…

I’ve been crying a lot lately. A lot. I feel overly emotional about everything right now.

We got an iPod and I’m in LOVE. Seriously love this product.

Jacob and I are participating in a Bible Study about the new translations of the Mass. I’m really enjoying it! I’m also glad it’s only 5 weeks so Jacob and I could go together and have it finished before he leaves.



That’s some highlights about us for now. I’m hoping to have another photo post soon! We’ve been taking a lot of photos lately!


57 days

I just counted it out. 57 days until Jacob leaves. Sounds like a long time.


57 days = 8 weeks

57 days = 4 pay periods

57 days, long enough to attend a 5 week Bible Study class with Jacob.

57 days, long enough to go on one more family vacation.

57 days, long enough to figure out travel plans while he’s gone.

57 days, too long to really have Peter fully explain when Daddy is leaving, why, and when he will come back.

57 days of co-parenting until he leaves.


57 days pales in the 260 days that Jacob will be gone.

Sometimes I know and understand that Jacob being gone at Basic and Tech school is nothing when you think about family members going off for a year deployment and facing danger. Jacob should be safe the time he’s gone. I take comfort in that today.



Have I talked about weight yet?

blah. Weight.

I’ll use my real numbers. Which is Hardcore! I think at my smallest I was 138 pounds. I was exercising about 4 hours again and eating from a South Beach Diet. It was a diet that I wouldn’t be able to maintain. I moved and there wasn’t a gym (or the awesome YMCA that I had) and I had troubles with not stress/emotionally eating.

I met Jacob and started dating him and we both became a little lax with our exercising and eating well. We ate out a lot of meals or ordered Pizza to go with our movies. So we gained weight, Jacob at a slower pace than me.

On our wedding day I weighed 175.

I felt wonderful: Graceful, Beautiful, and Lovely.

Then I got the photos. I looked at every flaw, the double chin, the arm flab, and back overflow.

When I gave birth to Peter my weight climbed to an unhealthy 228.

That’s where I stayed. I dropped 15 pounds within two weeks of giving birth to Peter. I had a lot of water weight that fell off as the swelling went down. The next two years of his life I went back and forth between that 15 pounds range.

In February I started Weight Watchers (my Aunt paid my membership for my birthday present). My starting weight was 228. I wanted to slowly drop weight to be at a healthy starting weight when we became pregnant again. I was on Weight Watchers (WW) for three months. During this time Jacob started talking about joining the military and I had a lot of emotional what-happens-if-he-never-comes-back eating. I lost 7 pounds in those three months. I’m proud of those 7 pounds. They were hard earned and lost during a stressful time.

I then had bad gallbladder attacks. And a couple more attacks. To the point where I was scared to eat and be in the horrible pain again. I lost 13 pounds in two weeks. Man that was NOT the way I wanted to lose weight. Since I dropped the 13 pounds so quickly I gained most back: from, you know, eating.

I joined up again with WW two weeks ago. I started at 218. I have a goal weight in mind. I would like to be at 185 for Jacob’s Basic Graduation. I think I would feel great! That’s losing 32 pounds between now and then. I can do it. I have a buddy that I’m checking in with throughout the day. I’m at 214.4 today and I’m happy to be actively doing something about my weight instead of just being miserable about it.

Jacob has been gently encouraging me, and I have the support to succeed. I’m hoping to check in every week with three things: What went well (and I want to remember to do again), what I need to change, and my weight for the week.

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with the big numbers so it’s broken down to 5% loss and 10% loss, one mini goal weight, and then my 184. With each one I hope to gain a little more momentum. I just reached my 5% goal and I’m so excited! Gives me hope that I can do this.