Tot School drop out?

Ideally. Ideally.

Ideally, I would like to be able to have Tot School from 3-5 days a week and for 1-3 hours per session. However, life is moving really fast right now and I know that this is just an extra. It’s the thing in our life that can give without any discord.

He loves the school we do together and I will be keeping some of the activities that we have done.

Things that are staying:

Sensory Tub ~He loves this and so do I

Themed Books ~I’m still going to check out a bunch of books at the beginning of the month and put them through a rotation and read with him

Tot Trays ~These are activities that I have already have planned and have resources for, so we are going to just do these on days we are just staying home (no appointments, work, or deadlines)

Things that are leaving:

File Folder games ~We can use these in future years, so I don’t feel bad for making some now

Worksheets ~I wasn’t able to keep up and it felt like a chore

Schedule ~I’m fine doing school activities when the mood strikes us or Peter asks for them
And this is how Peter became a Tot School drop out, but don’t worry. He’ll be back.


Busy times

I’m not big about photos in posts because I forget to take them off my camera in a timely manner. Since moving this is what we have been doing.


We have gone to the Zoo twice. We love it and plan on getting a membership!

If you can tell, Peter likes to draw with markers (the marks on arm), play the Wii, and sleep without clothes in our bed.

Science Center of Iowa! Peter was so excited for the Birthday Party!

Best buddies

Turtles hatched! I didn’t know their shell was soft!

Daddy holding paper for Peter to cut with Scissors! (first time with scissors)

Peter’s First Day of Tot School

Use your imagination and just turn your head. I forgot to move to the correct way. 😀

Peter is such the poser and loved school.

Break time with Daddy! Shared a doughnut and milk.

Not included are the Drill Weekends, Time outs, Cuddle time, Reading Books, Play Dates with new (and old) friends, Mommy (me) starting to Substitute again, and playing outside all the time!

We are super busy and I don’t know when we are going to slow down.

Almost time for Peter’s Tot School to start!!

As I’m getting ready for Tot School to start next month, I realize how much ‘stuff’ I think we need. Since we are living with the belongings that we can fit in two small rooms, I’m unsure what are needs and what are just fun extras.

You think I would be able to figure that out, but so much of this Tot School is FUN! I love when school can be fun, it should be enjoyable!! Jacob and I talked it over, and a lot of things that would be extras, we are just cutting out right now.

Frankly, we don’t have the money to buy them. Even if we did buy them, we wouldn’t have a place in the house to store them. 😉

So, until we have a place of our own Tot school is going to be pretty easy. 🙂 I will be getting books from the library reserved next week, picking them up at the end of the month!

The first month will look something like this:

Main Theme: Fall ~each mini-theme (Apples, Leaves, Pumpkins, and Football) will last a week

Sensory Tub: Fall (will be out to play with a couple times a week for the whole month) ~fall colors, fake leaves, small pumpkins, redish and brown/black beans, scoop, fall color poms.

Apples: Apple books, cutting and gluing apples, lining up smallest to largest apples, felt apples, painting with apples, and apple stickers (I will hopefully make one scrapbook page for every mini-theme, or at least the big theme for the month!)

~Field Trip- Apple Orchard

Leaves: books about leaves and fall, cutting leaves and gluing them, leave rubbings, colors, and leaf stickers. Also talk about the seasons and how it’s getting cooler (maybe?) and how nature is changing around us.

~Field Trip- State Park walk, collecting leaves

Pumpkin: Pumpkin books, pumpkin cutting and gluing, lining up smallest to largest, vines, and stickers

~Field Trip- Pumpkin Patch (end of month/Beginning of October)

Football: Jacob is covering this subject. We have several books to read about football, we will probably go to a HS football game, a lot of football playing outside, Felt fun with Footballs, and whatever else Jacob wants. 😉

Religion: Focus more on the Sign of the Cross and the Vine

Motor skills: small motor-stickers, cutting, pasting, and drawing; large motor: walking backwards, climbing, and throwing and catching a football

Alphabet: Letters A and P

Social Skills: Manner words -Please, Thank you, and Excuse Me

I think that’s all I have planned. 🙂 Several things will repeat over and over each week. I’m going to also try to have Tot Trays in rotation! We will be starting with three, mainly because that’s how many I bought at The Dollar Tree. 😉