About the Family

How we became a family is a long strange one. 🙂 I love it.

I went to middle and High School in Iowa with Ben. Ben was a great friend in my group of friends. I went to college, moved, and then came back to our hometown to teach at a local school. At the local grocery store on weekends and school breaks, worked Jacob,  Ben’s younger brother. Jacob would help me pick out produce and walk around the store with me and pretty much be my personal shopper. We bumped into each other a lot… as it was (and still is) a small town.

Then Ben was marrying Stella and Jacob was the Pretty Good Man. The wedding was 4 hours away from hometown. The day of the wedding I got a call that Ben and Jacob’s Mom forgot the ties. I broke into their house, sped down to Kansas, gave the ties, then got ready for the wedding. A lot of our HS friends were there. We had a great time together. Apparently this was when Jacob started to really like me. 🙂

He asked me to hang out (outside the grocery store) and it was like hanging out with an old friend but with tingles. I don’t know the first time I met Jacob and he doesn’t remember the first time meeting me. He was probably in elementary school and I was in middle school, but we don’t know.

The first time we kissed, I knew I would marry him. Our two years of dating was long distance.

He graduated college, my school closed, we got married, and moved. We found out we were pregnant the first day of Jacob’s student teaching in-service. I went through a hell-ish long complicated birth and had Peter. Six months later we moved to Kansas to try to get into subbing and teaching in Kansas. Here we have stayed.

Until next month… when we move back to where it all started, Hometown, Iowa. Where Peter and I will stay until Jacob is done with Basic and Tech school. After that… I don’t know.


Update: January 6th

Jacob left for Basic December 7th. He graduates February 3rd! We are halfway done with Basic but we still have a long road of being separated (end of August). Peter and I are living with my parents in Hometown, IA and figuring out our non-holiday routines.


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