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One car

::yawn:: It’s 5:26 AM. For someone who enjoys the morning snuggle in bed, being out of bed this early is almost painful.

I agreed to sub a half day today (AM). Then a couple days later Jacob said that he was working too. (sidenote: why is it always up to the woman to find childcare?)

I asked my Mom and she’s busy today. Waited a couple more days for magic idea, and nothing. Mom’s still busy and we are both still working.

Last night I called up my older brother and asked if he wants to spend the morning with Peter. Luckly, for us, it’s his day off and he’s happily able to hang with Peter. Big bonus is Peter is really excited to hang out with Uncle Ninja today.

Jacob and I were getting ready for bed last night when the biggest obstacle showed up.

Umm.. Jacob works at 5 AM. I work at 7:45 AM. How are we both getting into work with ONE car? We don’t have a bus system here (I laugh when I type it), it’s not even close.

That leaves with waking Peter up and taking him in to drop off Jacob, then seeing if he will go back to bed until I want him to get up. OR leaving him home and putting the baby monitor upstairs, so my Mom can hear him if he wakes up. The only reason why option 2 was questionable is that my Mom can sometimes sleep through things.

We picked option 2. Knowing that I would be gone 15 minutes was helpful. Turned out okay. Peter was still sleeping when I left and my Mom ended up getting up at 4:50 because of what she had to do today, so she was up and around.

So while taking Jacob into work I realized, I don’t want to go through an Iowa winter with no heat in the car! Brr! First bigger paycheck from Jacob being in Basic, I’m totally getting the car fixed! And I need to whip out the winter coats!




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