Jacob and I took Peter to Build-a-Bear (BaB) on November 11th. Not only was it Veteran’s Day, but it was also Jacob’s Birthday (will post later about them).

BaB was offering 20% off the whole purchase for Military families. We have been talking to Peter about Daddy being gone for a long time, and how it will be sad. We are trying to give him the words to use once Jacob’s gone NOW so that way it will be a little easier later. We talked about how he will miss Daddy and it’s okay to have sad days and lonely days.

::back to the bear::

We drove to BaB and Peter fell asleep (it’s an hour drive), he woke up when we got him out of the car. He was confused at first, even though we have talked about it. We ended up going to BaB, then leaving and letting him wake up, then going back. He had a great time when we came back, so I’m glad we gave him a little break to wake up!

It took a while to pick out a base bear. I wanted an adorable puppy! Jacob really like a bear. Peter sided with Daddy, so they won. 😉 We decided to add a sound. Jacob recorded a sound without Peter knowing and the super nice sales woman interacted really well with Peter, giving space when needed and joking around with Peter once he warmed up.

They asked if Peter wanted the sound in the hand or foot and Peter choose foot. Peter and Daddy helped fill up the Bear, we kissed the heart, and put it in the bear.

After that we took the bear over to the wash off section. Peter wasn’t thrilled with this process, but helped towards the end. We picked out the camo uniform, and dressed him in the dressing room.

I laughing said we should name the bear, “Tiny Daddy Bear” and it stuck. (I’m sure that’s something that will make me cry later down the road.) We got the birth certificate and paid for him. Peter loved the house Tiny Daddy Bear came in! We carried it around the mall for a while and then headed to the car.

When we were in the car we decided to have Jacob explain about the bear again. I actually took a video of that! I’m impressed with myself. It’s below, but I should warn you, ~It made me cry.

We also ate at Applebee’s! Peter didn’t want Tiny Daddy Bear to stay in the car, so he came in too!

Right after I put the camera away, Peter turned to Tiny Daddy Bear and asked him if he wanted anything to eat! It was too cute!

Quick family photo on the way out.

Build-a-Bear was a great time! I think we will be getting the Dress Blues before seeing Jacob at Basic Graduation!


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