That Jacob has the weekends off right now. His hasn’t happened, ever. He’s working at a local grocery store and until he leaves for Basic they have promoted him to assisted shift manager or something along those lines. We are very proud of him, and small bonus ~it comes with a pay raise. Considering that he had to take a pay cut to move from Topeka’s store to the one here in Iowa, we are thrilled to have it be above what he was making.

School is starting here and I’m trying to figure out (with Jacob) how much we should substitute teach during the week. I think I may sub as much as it’s offered until it gets close to Jacob leaving (still unknown). I’m excited to teach students that I’ve taught myself in the past. I saw one kid (from my first year of teaching 1st grade) at Subway and I did a double take. I talked to the parent and I couldn’t believe how much they have changed. He’s going into 6th grade this year. Time has flown.

I will also have a chance to be subbing for teachers that have my nephew, niece, and numerous cousins (on Jacob’s side), and kids of my cousins. Also, I’ll have a chance again to work with some of Jacob’s Aunts and Uncles, as they have teaching jobs here in town.



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