Slip and Slide

I was playing on the Wii with my brother in my bedroom, and I hear Peter make a noise in the family room (by our bedroom). Jacob’s with Peter, but it’s still not a normal Peter noise.

I push pause, go quickly to the room, and Peter’s starting to cry/cough. He’s a little red in the face, but I thought he was sleeping on Jacob. He leans over to me, as I walk him into his bedroom he has a BIG cough. Loud and long. Then a gag. I know what’s coming.

I did the quick spin of him, so I don’t get hit with the stream of puke that’s coming. He hits the rug with it. I start quickly going to the bathroom, because he never just pukes once.

As I cross the threshold into the bathroom, he pukes again with a big SPLAT!

I try to get to the toilet and I slip and slide on his PUKE! I bobbled him a little and caught him and aimed his face towards the toilet. He gags and throws up one more time.

He finishes, I hand him to Jacob, and proceed to wash off the puke on my arm. I always get it on my arm. Jacob changes his clothes as I get his water. Jacob lays down with him and I clean up the puke.


This is NOT the slip and slide I remember when I was young!



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