I was really worried about Peter and the move. We prepared him for months, talking about how we were going to move, and such. We talked a lot after we moved and how we live here now, but can visit the family we left in Topeka. He has adapted SO WELL! I’m impressed with him and his level of understanding.

I have to remember this over and over again, when one of the only thing he hasn’t adjusted to is napping/bedtime. His napping is spotty and short, at best. Bedtime has been a problem, however it just didn’t happen from the move. We’ve been trying to change up bedtime for a while now.

He will go to sleep in his new room (WHOOP-WHOOP!), is a big deal, as he was sleeping in our bedroom in Topeka. BUT when he wakes up, doesn’t matter if it’s 10:30 pm or 5 am, he will not go back to bed in his room. Some nights he will just curl up next to me (and Jacob) and just go back to sleep, other nights he wants to nurse the rest of the night. At least it feels like the rest of the night.

I don’t do well without sleep. I know, most people don’t, but I really love sleep. I really love sleep. And I don’t sleep well when I’m nursing/sleeping. I am a tummy sleeper, and sleeping on my side is not comfortable!

My Mom is all about schedules. I understand, there were 5 of us. But I really liked having a baby-lead schedule, but it’s not just working with me anymore.

So how do you transition your child from leading you, to leading your child? I know when I start subbing this fall, he needs to be more on a schedule because it will help with other people watching him.

Which almost leads me to another question. Peter’s only been watched by close family members: Grandmas, Grandpas, (2) Aunts, and  (3) Uncles… How do we transition him to be watched by ‘strangers’?


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