I Pooping!

I JUST got Peter all naked and he announces in a panicked voice,

“I’m pooping!”

I then go, “What? Really? Quick?!”

I start to pick him up off the bed and run to the bathroom when he gives a quick smile and starts laughing.

“No pooping, Momma.”

::this kid has his dad’s sense of humor and I love it::


Family Ties

The other day, I visited with my friend/cousin (was and still is a friend and she married my cousin) she has a one year old, Katie. We put the kiddos in the stroller and strolled around town. I was so out of breath and tired… by the second block. ::blushes:: I’m acknowledging I’m so out of shape, but am doing something about it now.

We strolled for a visit to my Grandma. My Grandma plays favorites with the Grandkids, and neither my cousin (and therefore his wife/kid), nor myself are included in the favorites. Actually out of 9 grandkids, she only interacts with 2 on a regular basis. Also meaning that the 2 that she likes, she also does things with, buys things for the kids of those 2. I’ve accepted it, but I don’t like to visit AT ALL, because of this.

Peter’s two. There was a loud train that goes past her house, we were outside, so I asked Peter to count the train trailers. He counted: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 18, 18, 18 (prompted) 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 27, 28, 29 (prompted) 30, 31, 32.
Call me crazy, but that’s amazing for a TWO year old. All my Grandma said was, “Favorite’s 4 year old can count to 13, but then he stops. I don’t think it’s important for kids to be able to count this young.”

Now, really. I don’t sit there and drill Peter to count. If fact, they only time we count something is when we see it while playing. Birds, flowers, cars, trains, toys… these are the things we count. He is just interested.

I know that she thought, by Peter just counting on his own. That we were some how judging the parental skills of her favorite. ::I GET IT:: She then feels like she has to stand up for them. But is gets annoying fast and why should I spend time with someone, who doesn’t interact and ignores my child, just because we are related by blood?


Is there a point when you can walk away from a relationship? Blood is always there, but should a one way relationship remain, just because one day Grandma will die, and I may regret (or my child will regret) the time missed with Grandma. Or am I doing Peter a favorite by not making him give give give, with no return?


Socially, I know it’s acceptable to cut ties… Religiously, I feel like I continue to butt up against this behavior. Maybe it can be a good learning experience for Peter… When he’s older and better equipped to understand why Grandma is the way she is.

What do you think?


That Jacob has the weekends off right now. His hasn’t happened, ever. He’s working at a local grocery store and until he leaves for Basic they have promoted him to assisted shift manager or something along those lines. We are very proud of him, and small bonus ~it comes with a pay raise. Considering that he had to take a pay cut to move from Topeka’s store to the one here in Iowa, we are thrilled to have it be above what he was making.

School is starting here and I’m trying to figure out (with Jacob) how much we should substitute teach during the week. I think I may sub as much as it’s offered until it gets close to Jacob leaving (still unknown). I’m excited to teach students that I’ve taught myself in the past. I saw one kid (from my first year of teaching 1st grade) at Subway and I did a double take. I talked to the parent and I couldn’t believe how much they have changed. He’s going into 6th grade this year. Time has flown.

I will also have a chance to be subbing for teachers that have my nephew, niece, and numerous cousins (on Jacob’s side), and kids of my cousins. Also, I’ll have a chance again to work with some of Jacob’s Aunts and Uncles, as they have teaching jobs here in town.


Almost time for Peter’s Tot School to start!!

As I’m getting ready for Tot School to start next month, I realize how much ‘stuff’ I think we need. Since we are living with the belongings that we can fit in two small rooms, I’m unsure what are needs and what are just fun extras.

You think I would be able to figure that out, but so much of this Tot School is FUN! I love when school can be fun, it should be enjoyable!! Jacob and I talked it over, and a lot of things that would be extras, we are just cutting out right now.

Frankly, we don’t have the money to buy them. Even if we did buy them, we wouldn’t have a place in the house to store them. πŸ˜‰

So, until we have a place of our own Tot school is going to be pretty easy. πŸ™‚ I will be getting books from the library reserved next week, picking them up at the end of the month!

The first month will look something like this:

Main Theme: Fall ~each mini-theme (Apples, Leaves, Pumpkins, and Football) will last a week

Sensory Tub: Fall (will be out to play with a couple times a week for the whole month) ~fall colors, fake leaves, small pumpkins, redish and brown/black beans, scoop, fall color poms.

Apples: Apple books, cutting and gluing apples, lining up smallest to largest apples, felt apples, painting with apples, and apple stickers (I will hopefully make one scrapbook page for every mini-theme, or at least the big theme for the month!)

~Field Trip- Apple Orchard

Leaves: books about leaves and fall, cutting leaves and gluing them, leave rubbings, colors, and leaf stickers. Also talk about the seasons and how it’s getting cooler (maybe?) and how nature is changing around us.

~Field Trip- State Park walk, collecting leaves

Pumpkin: Pumpkin books, pumpkin cutting and gluing, lining up smallest to largest, vines, and stickers

~Field Trip- Pumpkin Patch (end of month/Beginning of October)

Football: Jacob is covering this subject. We have several books to read about football, we will probably go to a HS football game, a lot of football playing outside, Felt fun with Footballs, and whatever else Jacob wants. πŸ˜‰

Religion: Focus more on the Sign of the Cross and the Vine

Motor skills: small motor-stickers, cutting, pasting, and drawing; large motor: walking backwards, climbing, and throwing and catching a football

Alphabet: Letters A and P

Social Skills: Manner words -Please, Thank you, and Excuse Me

I think that’s all I have planned. πŸ™‚ Several things will repeat over and over each week. I’m going to also try to have Tot Trays in rotation! We will be starting with three, mainly because that’s how many I bought at The Dollar Tree. πŸ˜‰

Slip and Slide

I was playing on the Wii with my brother in my bedroom, and I hear Peter make a noise in the family room (by our bedroom). Jacob’s with Peter, but it’s still not a normal Peter noise.

I push pause, go quickly to the room, and Peter’s starting to cry/cough. He’s a little red in the face, but I thought he was sleeping on Jacob. He leans over to me, as I walk him into his bedroom he has a BIG cough. Loud and long. Then a gag. I know what’s coming.

I did the quick spin of him, so I don’t get hit with the stream of puke that’s coming. He hits the rug with it. I start quickly going to the bathroom, because he never just pukes once.

As I cross the threshold into the bathroom, he pukes again with a big SPLAT!

I try to get to the toilet and I slip and slide on his PUKE! I bobbled him a little and caught him and aimed his face towards the toilet. He gags and throws up one more time.

He finishes, I hand him to Jacob, and proceed to wash off the puke on my arm. I always get it on my arm. Jacob changes his clothes as I get his water. Jacob lays down with him and I clean up the puke.


This is NOT the slip and slide I remember when I was young!


I feel like I will be forever be living

out of totes.

Seriously. I’m almost sick of it, but it’s going to be life for a while. The places for rent that are open right now, are not exactly… ripe for the picking? It’s the best I can describe it. I’m not living in a crappy apartment complex that are not family friendly, and that’s what’s being offered. OR really nice, really expensive houses for sale, that’s really too big for our family anyway. πŸ™‚

So, we are in my parent’s basement, and will probably continue to do so for a while. We have been going through and the living materials we thought we couldn’t live without, are being reassessed. We are finding a couple more things are able to go to storage for right now, but as storage is 45 minutes away, we can’t make a trip everyday.

We have been living here for 13 days now. I know that we are still in a transition.

But I really wouldn’t mind a place of our own today.


I was really worried about Peter and the move. We prepared him for months, talking about how we were going to move, and such. We talked a lot after we moved and how we live here now, but can visit the family we left in Topeka. He has adapted SO WELL! I’m impressed with him and his level of understanding.

I have to remember this over and over again, when one of the only thing he hasn’t adjusted to is napping/bedtime. His napping is spotty and short, at best. Bedtime has been a problem, however it just didn’t happen from the move. We’ve been trying to change up bedtime for a while now.

He will go to sleep in his new room (WHOOP-WHOOP!), is a big deal, as he was sleeping in our bedroom in Topeka. BUT when he wakes up, doesn’t matter if it’s 10:30 pm or 5 am, he will not go back to bed in his room. Some nights he will just curl up next to me (and Jacob) and just go back to sleep, other nights he wants to nurse the rest of the night. At least it feels like the rest of the night.

I don’t do well without sleep. I know, most people don’t, but I really love sleep. I really love sleep. And I don’t sleep well when I’m nursing/sleeping. I am a tummy sleeper, and sleeping on my side is not comfortable!

My Mom is all about schedules. I understand, there were 5 of us. But I really liked having a baby-lead schedule, but it’s not just working with me anymore.

So how do you transition your child from leading you, to leading your child? I know when I start subbing this fall, he needs to be more on a schedule because it will help with other people watching him.

Which almost leads me to another question. Peter’s only been watched by close family members: Grandmas, Grandpas, (2) Aunts, andΒ  (3) Uncles… How do we transition him to be watched by ‘strangers’?