Jacob’s Enlisted!!!

I woke up the morning of enlistment with fear in my throat and scared thoughts in my mind. We were waiting for our escort through base when Jacob remembered that he forgot his paperwork at home. At that moment his sister, Rachel, and mom, Kris, drove through. I jumped out, had his mom get in the car with Jacob and told Rachel what happened and we were on our way back to the apartment. As we were leaving I saw my other sister in law, Stella, drive up and look at us. I laughed. She was so confused. Rachel quickly drove us back home, I got the paperwork, raced back to the car, drove back, threw up in my mouth a little, went through the guards, ran inside. I called Jacob several times to make sure he wouldn’t enlist without me.

And was on time. I sat down next to Jacob, holding Peter and fell at peace. The stress and worry lifted and peace flowed through my body. I went back outside to the main waiting area and Jacob’s mom, Rachel (who left for basic today!!), Ben (who was the first to join the Air National Guard, and now works for the Army), his son Levi (who’s 2 too!), and Stella (also in ANG!). I left Peter out there with them so I could concentrate more and Peter could move around.

We went through all the paperwork and I felt fine. Jacob was sworn in (pictures to come, SILs-Stella and Rachel has them). Congratulated. And we took pictures.

The siblings: Rachel, Jacob, (Peter wanted Daddy), and Ben

Our family: Me, Jacob, and Peter (never looking at the camera for a family photo)


The whole family (minus Jacob’s dad, couldn’t make it): Rachel, Jacob’s Mom~Kris, Me, Jacob, Peter, Ben, Stella, and Levi


Peter and the American Flag

I pray the peace that filled me on the day of enlistment, stays with me as we continue this journey. We may get a leave date during Jacob’s first drill (first weekend in August, 6 days after move). Less than a month from now.


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