15 days… left in this town

In these 15 short days I will be doing a lot of lasts.

The last time I go to a La Leche League Meeting. The last time we go to the local Zoo. The last time we go to our favorite Park and ride the train. The last time going to Mass at our church, seeing the friends we’ve met and the students we’ve taught. The last time we go to the brother/sister in laws for supper or the last time they come over here to play. I will miss my Brother in law and my Sister in law, and I will miss seeing my nephew grow and my new niece be born in November.

I look forward to the all the friends I will met and seeing the old friends I have in hometown. To going to Mass in the church I grew up in, got Married in, and still love.

15 days. 15 days left in this town, and I find myself sad about leaving. I loved living in this town. Making the new friends that I have, going to La Leche League Meetings, and the memories of Peter from 6 months on.


Topeka, you’ve been good to us!


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