Busy Moving… er, Packing anyway

Peter and I spent the last 11 days in our future short-term home… My parent’s basement!

Though not the perfect situation, it will work out well for us until we find something to rent in town. Peter will be sharing my sister’s old bedroom with my nephew, who lives there part-time.

I spent the days watching Peter in the heat, sorting, trashing, Goodwill-ing, keeping all the totes I had in my Parent’s garage. I labeled the totes starting with a random 45 Please, Lord, Don’t let us pack 45 totes here in Topeka. I switched any boxes we still had left into totes. We had SEVEN seven?! 20 gallon totes that went to Goodwill. I was able to bring 4 totes back, the rest I left with Goodwill (they need totes too). Then promptly used them. I listed from 45 to 69 totes… that means that I sorted and kept 24 totes. I feel like I need to qualify that about 10 of them are smaller book totes. We have 14 packed at our apartment right now. So that is a total of 38 totes, to date! We really  haven’t started packing the nitty-gritty here in Topeka.

Even with all the decluttering and letting go that I’ve done, I still feel like we have too much material stuff. I will say that I have one 20 gallon tote for every town I’ve lived in (SIX!). Some of these things I don’t know how to let go, and sometimes I don’t want to let them go. I know that they will pretty much forever be stored in totes, but I can’t let them go. Maybe in a couple more years, but not right now. About half of the 14 totes in hometown contain items I used while teaching. I taught at a very low-income, school didn’t have money either, area. When I taught, I wasn’t married, I did live at home (at that time Jacob and I were engaged, seemed silly to move out for a year and then move again). So I had the ability to put a couple hundred dollars back into my classroom, each paycheck. Books, file folder games, supplies, food, and the list goes on. In fact, I spent so much money on the classroom that the second year I made a goal to only spend $50 per paycheck on the classroom.

I don’t want to throw away all the things I bought (8 totes of GOOD books), and feel that I will use them homeschooling Peter in a couple years. So I’m keeping those for sure, I sorted out material I thought was outdated and didn’t like.

I told Jacob that he shouldn’t feel like he needs to get rid of all his stuff, because even if he kept it all, it wouldn’t equal the amount I have in storage. He did go through and weed out items that he didn’t want anymore (for the two hours he was in the garage with me).

But I digress…

After sorting all the totes, my Dad and I loaded all of them, plus the two big furniture pieces and drove them to the town we want to live long-term (about 45 minutes away). Then unloaded it.

I also looked around at cell phones. We have Wal-Mart’s Straight Talk and it will not work were we are moving. Jacob and I can’t figure out what plan we want to get, or try to go no contract with a different phone. Our hometown area has bad coverage for cell phones, except for US Cellular, and they are expensive. We also know that internet isn’t fast at my parents, so should we get a really expensive phone that you can get online with? The questions keep coming. I don’t think we have figured out what we want to do, but we will in the next 16 days.

While I was home I went through my old bedroom. It had an odd combination of childhood, adult, married, momma life in it! From clothes that fit me 3 sizes ago, and probably won’t fit me again (size 5?! Um, no), to Peter’s bassinet! I rearranged the bedroom to give us the most space and living area (so we can have alone time in our bedroom).

Then I went into my sister’s room and took down all her childhood posters (I should note, it was with her permission!!) and helped my mom figure out where to put things. I think we have a working arrangement!

I also did random things, 4th of July parade, lunch with friends, and a couple small road trips. And I did most of this with a 2 year old in tow.

I realized something very important about myself. I think we will do okay when Jacob leaves for basic/tech school, but there will be more ups and downs with Peter’s behavior and because of that I need scheduled breaks.

I’m not talking about long periods of time, more along the lines of going to the gym for an hour by myself or a quiet couple hours just to get things done that are hard to do with a little shadow. And frankly, I want to go to the bathroom alone sometimes. 😉 My Momma and I talked a lot about schedules, boundaries, food, and cleaning while I was home and I think we came up with something that will work for us.



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