Moving ~I may die, less than a month!

28 days until we move.

Ironic to me that I’m not at our apartment! Peter and I are in Iowa! Helping my parents clean the three car garage and house. I have about 30 totes in there from when I was teaching. I have decluttered and donated 5 of them and am going to go through them again this week. The items that I do not get rid I’m doing a couple things to them.

1. I’m going to make sure like items are together.

2. I’m going to write down what is in every tote!

3. I’m going to number the outside of the tote.

4. I’m going to put that data together in an excel spreadsheet.

I’m doing these things because I’ve lived out of totes before. If I don’t know what’s in each tote, I can’t find it and use it. I don’t want to waste what we have because we can’t find it.

Once everything is numbered, I’m moving them all to storage. The same storage place we will be renting a moving a lot of our things to at the end of July.

I’ve already starting number totes at our apartment, I’m up to 14! Jacob is still at our apartment working, cleaning, and packing! We gave out notice to our Landlord and our HUGE, never going to get it done in time cleaning list.

My sister’s old room is being a temporary room for Peter and his cousin (that also lives with my parents part-time).


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