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Stopping labor

This is the 3rd in a series of six posts about Peter’s birth. You can read the first two, and this may make more sense. 🙂



Tuesday, March 24th, I started to have time-able contractions. We did the normal things to stop labor, and they were still coming. We had our last Lamaze class March 23rd! Peter timed it well!* We went to our Doctor’s office and they hooked me up to the monitor and yep, I was having time-able contractions. The Doctor’s office is on the other side of the parking lot from the hospital, so they wheeled me across the parking lot while Jacob was calling the Mom’s (his and mine). They were going to try to stop labor as I was only 35 weeks and some days. Jacob told them not to come up yet. And would let them know if the contractions wouldn’t stop.

Still happy. Unknowing what was to come. L&D the first time.

After an hour on the monitor I got a shot of terbutaline and the contractions thankfully stopped. I was released.

I should note about terbutaline. I hated the feeling afterward. My body felt jumpy, and my heart was beating faster than my normal. Apparently, that’s normal with terbutaline!?*

The next day, Wednesday the 25th, contractions started up again, we did everything you are supposed to do, empty your bladder, lay on your side…

We called the doctor and they told us to go straight to Labor and Delivery to be monitored. After more monitoring I was given another shot of terbutaline.* This didn’t stop the contractions completely, but spaced them out and lowered the frequency. I was then put on bedrest, but at the time is wasn’t a strict bedrest. I was allowed to sleep upstairs in our bed and get my own drink, and shower for more then just 10 minutes. Oh, I was also around 2 cm and 35 effaced.

Friday Jacob had to work, so my Mom came up to ‘babysit’ me. She was so helpful. Cleaning, doing laundry, and making frozen meals for me. Truly a Godsend. Jacob and I were not ready for Peter to come. If fact, I don’t think we had a place for him to sleep and several other things I thought important at the time.

And Again. I started having contractions. Time-able. They went from irregular to 3-5 minutes apart. Uncomfortable. Jacob actually had a coaching class he didn’t want to miss and since they have been able to stop labor the other times, he went ahead and stayed in class. My Mom took me to the hospital. I was monitored to make sure I was having contractions, monitored, and given a shot, monitored, and released.

My Mom stayed overnight with me. Saturday the 28th, my great friend, Jill, came to relieve my Mom while she went back home to do some work around the house. Jill kept me entertained on the couch. Washed all Peter’s baby clothes, anally (I say it very lovingly) and the way I would want ~ matched Peter’s shirts, pants, and onesies.

I started having contractions in the afternoon. Back to the L & D. Monitored. Shot given. Monitored. And this time… it didn’t stop contractions*. Given another shot, monitored. Given another shot and it didn’t help. The contractions where starting to get painful. I was scared. I was still with Jill and Jacob was at his class  little over an hour away. And also with that much terbutaline I felt almost sick. I was willing to try something else because I disliked it so much.*

Jill called Jacob and said, “I think you need to come. Quick.” She also called my Mom and Dad and they came up (they also had a 1 hour and 45 min drive).

I don’t remember what I was when I was checked… I just know I was just a bit more dilated than the last time I was checked. Wasn’t important to me, it was just that they were really starting to be painful. It was active-labor, since it was changing my cervix.

Jill calmed me down. Bless her. I love her. And kept me that way until Jacob came.

I was then given a pill to stop contractions. Procardia, which helped.* “They,’ or some would call hospital staff, then admitted me into the hospital at least overnight. If procardia had not helped, they would have used Magnesium Sulfate. That was scary! I’ve heard about it. The nurse warned that it wasn’t pleasant, and was worse than either terbutaline and procardia side affects.

Jacob came and Jill left. My Mom and Dad stopped by our house and took care of the dogs and brought Jacob a Subway to eat. I was able to eat apple and chicken strips. I know, not the most healthy, but it was a comfort food for me.

It was pretty awesome to be to hear Peter’s heartbeat all night. I had them put the sound up so I could hear it, but it wasn’t too loud. I loved hearing it. Peaceful.

The monitors… I had to wear them all night. Poking into my stomach, not comfortable at all. I slept on my left side, as instructed.

I was given Procardia every 4 hours. They would come in, wake me up, give me the pill, watch me take it, and leave again. It took me a while to go back to sleep each time too.

I woke up at 6 (with another dose of pills) with the contractions spaced out dramatically. I was pleased, PLEASED. If I continued into labor, I would have been sent by ambulance to another hospital 45 minutes away, because the hospital I was at wouldn’t deliver at 35 weeks. 36 yes, 35 and 5 days, no. That was an unknown scary to me. I trusted Doctors and the hospital fully. I didn’t question anything they told me. Just obeyed. I didn’t know differently. I thought they had my best interest at the heart of it. silly, silly, silly me.

I was told I could shower. When I showered the contractions started again. I was on Procardia every 4 hours til Wednesday (it was then Sunday). Wednesday I had my 36 week appointment with my doctor. We would re-evaluate things at that time.

My parents went home and Jacob’s family (Mom, Dad, and sister) came over to our house. They were there when we got home from the hospital and took care of the dogs for us.

The Procardia stopped my contractions. I was no longer in labor. I still had to take the pills though.

At my appointment they told me I could get off bed-rest, and if Peter wanted to come now, they were okay with it. They wanted me to have an ultrasound to see how Peter was doing. The whole pregnancy I was super healthy, besides gaining a lot of weight and throwing up. Peter ALWAYS looked good. They were never worried about his stats. How exciting, Peter could be born on April Fool’s Day. I thought it would be funny, but it came and went.

April 2nd, Jacob had to work again (couldn’t take time off), and Mom took me to the ultrasound appointment. I know the measurement can be off, especially towards the end of pregnancy. Peter was guess-imated to weight 8 pounds and 5 ounces! Big baby for 36 weeks!! Big babies ran in both our families, and big heads. So I wasn’t too worried about it, I could handle it. I was told that I could stop using the Procardia, unless I started to have contractions.

I will still have random contractions, but they were never regular and stopped on their own or after a dose of procardia. So it wasn’t active labor because it didn’t change my cervix.

April 16th, I had a 5 pound weight jump due to fluid*, because of this I had to go straight over to the hospital and have my blood drawn. I forget what the normal amount of protein in the urine was, but I was jjjjust over the limit. I had to then go in for a nonstress test. During the 40 minutes on the machine I had two contractions. These past couple weeks, I started to doubt myself if I was actually feeling contractions. The nurse came in and saw them on there and said something along the lines of, “Hey, you’re having contractions, can you feel them?” I nodded. Yes, I’ve felt them. It help reaffirm that yes, I did know my body. I was having contractions and NOT just imagining it. Peter looked wonderful, his heartbeat was great, even in contractions, was moving around. My blood pressure was great.

I was told to collect my urine for 24 hours. Hard to do with such a big belly! My mom and I laughed over the phone about it. She helped me find a position so I could collect it better then what I was doing… I will never talk about how I was trying to collect it!

On Friday the 17th, I was to have another ultrasound. Jacob was again working and his mom couldn’t make it. So my Mom again got to go to the ultrasound with me. Oh, and I was put on strict bed-rest. I couldn’t sleep upstairs in my bed, I couldn’t get my own drink, I had to have someone with me when I went to the bathroom (to use the toilet or to shower), when I showered it had to be short. They wanted it to be less then 10 minutes.

The fluids were a little lower then last ultrasound and they now guess-imated Peter at 10 pounds and 3 oz. They thought I may be leaking some ‘water’ so they wanted to test me to see if my water broke or had a slow leak.

Not going to lie, I had some wetness down there, but I thought maybe it was from sneezing or something, not my water breaking. Okay, maybe my water did have a slow leak… Nope. The swipe test came back negative. I probably just didn’t have enough water for the day? That’s my best guess.

Monday, April 20th, I had yet another ultrasound to check my fluid and Peter and an appointment with the Doctor. Jacob had the day off and went with me. Our tech was great! Peter was so far in my hips she couldn’t get a profile photo, but go a couple other ones for us. When we came in, she said that someone measured with a 10 pound baby the other day, and I said, ‘That was ME!’ I was still okay with Peter being a “big baby.” I always thought he would be a big baby.

We went straight over to the doctors, had another nonstress test (with contractions on screen), she checked my cervix and I was at 3 cm and 75 effaced. She said, “oh yeah, he’s low, I can feel his head.” She said that with the protein, weight jump and extreme swelling in my legs (pitting) she wanted to induce us. She thought that since I was having contractions already and was at 3 cm that it would work and she didn’t want Peter to get too much bigger. Jacob and I agreed. Thinking this was for the best for Peter. Peter had a planned birthdate! April 23rd!

I nested throughout my pregnancy. The time in between bed-rests, I cleaned and cooked, and froze meals. I still would look around and see dirt around the house. I was still on bed-rest. Jacob, bless him, nested for me. He would do each and everything I asked. Clean all the baseboards, okay. Wash all the walls in the house, no problem.

April 23rd came… continued on the next post.


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