I’ve been felting!

I’m making some felt stories for Peter’s felt board for this school year. He’s what I’ve made so far! These are my first attempts!


Felt farm: barn (i love it), cow, chickens, cheese, a tree, and leaves of different colors to talk about seasons.

These (besides the bad photo) are felt reeds to go into a sensory tub for pond life. Pattern from WeeFolkArt.com

The Apples are for September Theme: Harvest, Apples, Pumpkins and Leaves. The banana are just for fun and a random sun. šŸ™‚

Hearts for St. Valentine’s Day, but also for shapes. I also made circles, triangles, squares, and ovals.

Two oranges, eight blueberries, and two watermelon. I’m going to have to make many more watermelons. Are they cute or what?!

I’ve decided to start with September’s theme and make the felt I need first and then go to the other months and make what I need. Once I’m done with ‘needs’ then I’m going to make all sorts of fun food that is more kitchen food felt play, instead of felt boards. I can’t wait to use a sewing machine to make more felt fun things!


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