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Listening to God

I wrote about how God sometimes gives us, “God’s Breezes” just to tell us we are on the right track. I wanted to write them down and I’m starting with the most recent one.

I woke late and DIDN’T want to go to church. My stomach hurt (I’m known to have major tummy distress) and I didn’t want an episode to happen during Mass. I wasn’t in a good mood and was almost trying to make us late.

We squeezed into a pew that had enough room to put Peter down between Jacob and Me. We kneeled down and said a short prayer. Mine was a prayer of Thanksgiving, overcoming my desires to stay home and asked for help to focus on Mass and not be distracted. Mass continued. Peter was behaving much better then normal really well. It was a great turn around.

When we left Jacob was holding Peter and held my hand as we walked into the parking lot. He said that when he first came in, when he was kneeling, he asked God to keep us on the path that he wanted us to go. He sat back down and looked to his left. Sitting next to him was the first recruiter that we talked to about entering the Air National Guard.

It’s just another reassurance from God that we listening. We are going the path that he is directing, even when we want to resist.

What is God asking you to do? Are you listening?


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