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To Nurse or not to nurse: Sickness has come

Peter has been a big eater since birth (which cause some problems nursing, but that’s another story), but for the last 4 days Peter has been eating like a bird. He’s always scoffed at toddler sized portion and could down one whole banana at 1, and loves Spaghettio’s by the can! So image my surprise when Peter skipped breakfast, and almost wouldn’t touch lunch. He had a cheese stick and was drinking enough water, I wasn’t worried yet.

However, he also just started to wean me. I mean, he stopped nursing for a couple days and only once for a couple more, having me think that he was weaning after 27 months of a nursing journey. If he was still nursing semi-regular I wouldn’t worry about his intake of food and water, knowing that he would get want he needed. I didn’t know if he would ask for food and water the same way he would ask for milk.

Then he started to get a runny nose, last night he slept like crap was up and down all night. Then went back to his old routine of nursing off and on all through the night. Which means two things: I need coffee, I need coffee I’m tired and the second he has a fever.

Instead of going to the awesome NEW Children’s Discovery Center here in town with my SIL and my nephew. We will be bunking down at home, getting lots of love. Weaning can start again soon. This season  will pass and I will miss it, so I’m going to take time to slow down and enjoy it.


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