moving countdown, starts now.

I have six weeks to pack up our apartment and move. We are going to move in with my parents until a place opens up in our Hometown. This means condensing our two bedroom apartment into my old bedroom and the playroom. I would like to live a more minimalist life, mainly because I hate dusting.

The thing is, we are still living in totes from the last move 15 months ago. We own things that will come in handy once we have a house and visitors. However, we’re not needing it right now. I go back and forth of selling or Goodwilling many of our things or keeping them because we don’t have the money to buy them once we are on our own again.

I have gone through all the totes in our apartment and decluttered 3 totes worth. We have 14 totes left of things that I think we should keep. 3 of those totes are Christmas totes. 4 of those totes are Peter’s baby clothes that we are keeping for the next kiddo. 2 are decorations that I’ve already put away… plus more. 🙂
Oh also in those 6 short weeks, I have to drive up to Hometown and help my parents get ready on their end (probably for a week), have my BFF come and visit for 4 days, and my niece come and visit for 3 days… So really, I have 4 weeks at home to get ready to go.


What do you think? Storage fees for 10 months or less, or getting rid and buying new (to us) later?

What would be your ‘have to haves’ while living in one bedroom?


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