I’ve been felting!

I’m making some felt stories for Peter’s felt board for this school year. He’s what I’ve made so far! These are my first attempts!


Felt farm: barn (i love it), cow, chickens, cheese, a tree, and leaves of different colors to talk about seasons.

These (besides the bad photo) are felt reeds to go into a sensory tub for pond life. Pattern from WeeFolkArt.com

The Apples are for September Theme: Harvest, Apples, Pumpkins and Leaves. The banana are just for fun and a random sun. 🙂

Hearts for St. Valentine’s Day, but also for shapes. I also made circles, triangles, squares, and ovals.

Two oranges, eight blueberries, and two watermelon. I’m going to have to make many more watermelons. Are they cute or what?!

I’ve decided to start with September’s theme and make the felt I need first and then go to the other months and make what I need. Once I’m done with ‘needs’ then I’m going to make all sorts of fun food that is more kitchen food felt play, instead of felt boards. I can’t wait to use a sewing machine to make more felt fun things!


Peter’s birth… Pregnancy until labor starts

This is the second posts in a series of five posts about Peter’s birth. If you want to start with the beginning the first post is here. Throughout the series I have marked different things with *. I use these as a touch-points for when I processed Peter’s birth.


Jacob and I were married June 14 and in August found out that we were pregnant. Due April 29th! I remember I tested after Jacob left for his first day of (student) teacher in-service. Then I spent most of the day thinking and reading about interesting ways to tell your husband that you’re pregnant.

Jacob’s really into genealogy. So I added him to our family tree line. Name -Unknown, Born -Sometime in April of ’09. When he found it, at first he didn’t believe me, then I showed him the positive test(s!). We were both excited and thrilled! A little worried about insurance and paying for the birth/appointments. Under the recommendations of friends, we tried for and received State Medical Care.

I loved being pregnant. I was sick… a lot. I thought it was normal at the time, but if I didn’t sleep until 9 am I was throwing up or nauseous allllllll day. Even though it wasn’t normal for first time mothers, I felt Peter move around 14 weeks! Thrilled! Joyed! Loved! I just relished Peter’s movement. I wanted Jacob to be able to feel also, but he didn’t. I would say, how about now. No? Now? NO? Okay, I’ll try again later.

The first time Jacob felt Peter move was December 18th around 9pm. I remember vividly. We were laying in bed at my parent’s house in my old bedroom, Jacob had his arm around my belly (how we normally fell asleep), and Peter kicked. Jacob sat up and I sat up. He beamed and said, ‘was that Peter?!’ I said YES! From there Jacob really started bonding and talking to Peter. My mom had me lay down while I was pregnant and she would feel Peter kick and kick and she would talk to him over and over again. Which is why I think Peter loved and felt safe with my Mom from day one!

I smiled in another picture, but liked this one best.

I gained a lot of weight while pregnant. A lot. I heard this can happen, especially with your first.

I remember Peter kicked my ribs for the first time at Applebee’s Superbowl Sunday. I was sitting at a high circle table.

I read and read and read while I was pregnant, but I didn’t read the right stuff. I read very main-stream guides, when that was not what I wanted in our birth. WHY did I read all that? None of it helped. I remember I was reading in ‘what to expect, when expecting’ and they talked about c-sections. I SKIPPED those pages because it wasn’t going to happen to me! I was going to have a natural birth. I wanted a natural birth. My mom had all natural births.

I had the glucose test and apparently, I didn’t hear the doctor’s right and I had some breakfast before coming in. PB toast. I was scared I was going to throw up the drink. This made me fail the test by a couple points. I had to take the 3 hour glucose test. I was sick all day, never did throw up, just felt like it (which is worse?!). I remember crying and the one time I asked Jacob to leave and get me something that I knew, I just knew, it would make me feel better. Yeah, it was a snickers blizzard. I think it was more the ice cream that settled my stomach. 🙂 I passed the 3 hour glucose test with flying colors.

The end of February I started to feel hiccups! For a couple weeks I would consistently feel Peter hiccuping from 9:30 to 10 pm! From then one it was pretty random and Peter hiccuped a lot.

The First couple days of March, I remember I felt Braxton Hicks. I continued feeling BHs throughout my pregnancy.

In early March my friend wanted me to be her personal attendant. BOY, did she expect a lot, and it was FUN! I was running here and there and there and here. I had a helper, but still did a lot of work. When we got to the reception, I still felt like a million bucks! I was dancing, oh was I dancing. All sorts of silly dancing. You know the one where you grab your ankle and then move around… yeah, I was ROCKING that move. Making the group of drinking people I was dancing with laugh and laugh. I’m pretty sure I was photographed, but never saw it. Only semi-good photo from that night. 🙂

That’s what you get for making silly faces in almost every pictures, Jacob. 🙂

March 24 I started to have contractions. And ended up in the hospital.

I’ll start the next entry with how we stopped labor…

Peter’s Birth Story… -Introduction

I, well, I’m still in the process of writing, wrote Peter’s birth story. It’s long. I’m okay with that. There are things that I feel like I need to write that happened during the pregnancy.

It’s broken into 5 posts:



Stopping Labor

Birth Day



Read, share. If someone you know had a traumatic birth, read this and better understand where they are coming from. I’ll add links to this post once I’m finished with each post. Thank you for baring with me.

Birth Trauma

I feel horrible calling Peter’s birth a ‘bad’ birth. As I’m finally processing everything that happened before, during and after Peter’s birth, I feel the need to write it down. But I’M SCARED.

I’m scared to remember everything that happened. I’ve been able to write out his birth to a certain point and then I stop and I only get flashes of horrible-ness that I just can’t get over.

I’m scared even after writing it all down, I still will not find peace with it.

I’m scared that when we get pregnant again, I’ll have to go through it again…


Peter was born by an emergency c-section. I was one short step away from being put under. He was born with a big bulge on the top side of is head, he was backwards and wouldn’t come out. Stuck.


Please pray for me as I continue to try to write down his Birth story this week.

He turned out great so far. I don’t think I made it through whole though. Traumatic C-sections or just traumatic births remind me of this photo I found online somewhere. If you know where I found it, please let me know so I can link it up.

Emotional Weekend

This past weekend was very emotional for me. I’m typing it up, bare with me. I have never come to terms with having an emergency c-section with Peter. It was a really horrible experience and I came to a deeper understanding of the sacrifice that I endured.


The homeschooling conference was wonderful, even though Peter is just two I’m already planning. It was best to have time alone with Jacob. I bought 10 that’s right 10!! Religious coloring books for Peter. He has enjoyed them too!

Listening to God

I wrote about how God sometimes gives us, “God’s Breezes” just to tell us we are on the right track. I wanted to write them down and I’m starting with the most recent one.

I woke late and DIDN’T want to go to church. My stomach hurt (I’m known to have major tummy distress) and I didn’t want an episode to happen during Mass. I wasn’t in a good mood and was almost trying to make us late.

We squeezed into a pew that had enough room to put Peter down between Jacob and Me. We kneeled down and said a short prayer. Mine was a prayer of Thanksgiving, overcoming my desires to stay home and asked for help to focus on Mass and not be distracted. Mass continued. Peter was behaving much better then normal really well. It was a great turn around.

When we left Jacob was holding Peter and held my hand as we walked into the parking lot. He said that when he first came in, when he was kneeling, he asked God to keep us on the path that he wanted us to go. He sat back down and looked to his left. Sitting next to him was the first recruiter that we talked to about entering the Air National Guard.

It’s just another reassurance from God that we listening. We are going the path that he is directing, even when we want to resist.

What is God asking you to do? Are you listening?

Waiting for Papers

Jacob is actually enlisting at a base in another state, we are waiting for the paperwork to go from that base to the base nearby. Once the paperwork is down here… He’s Enlisting. Then he will be able to pick a leave date for basic, and by pick I mean they may or may not give him two different choices. Depends on when his tech school starts.


In other news, looks like Peter’s sickness was short-lived. Thank Goodness! We are off playing and spending time outside!


What are some of your favorite activities outside with your child?